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Why HATE anything?

What’s the point in hating anything? A mentor and coach recently asked me.

After a lengthy pause, I said "there isn't a point." "There is actually no reason to choose to hate anything."

Shit! My Ego started to silently freak out at the truth that was being dropped into my consciousness. The game of disliking or hating something did not serve me. In fact it was completely out of alignment for me to Not choose love. This was a hard pill to swallow, for years I had pretended to like or love things, but silently hated them. I was being impartial with my love. I was being controlling with love. I applied love when it suited me and the rest of the time I let the Ego run the show. I had evidence and proof as to why I was allowed to not love my body or why I was allowed to not like doing the private chef work that paid my bills while I built my healing and coaching practice. The story I told myself was that doing private chef was exhausting so I had to hate it in order to motivate myself to work on my coaching business. I had to hate something in order to move in the direction of my dreams. I thought I needed the hate or dislike to motivate me, to pick on my body so I would feel compelled to exercise daily and to go on strike diets. I thought I had overcome these beliefs, but the realization that I still used the energy of dislike and disdain in order to choose love was a hug Aha moment for me. I recognized the truth, it was the Hate that was exhausting me, not the chef work or the extra weight on my body. My inability to accept and love all aspects of myself and my life, was keeping me stuck in patterns. It never motivated me, the hate is what paralyzed me.

What I learned after this question was asked and am continuing to learn and put into practice is that everything can feel like love if I am willing to release all judgments, meaning and definition. If I am willing to let go of what I think and let myself feel the energy of Source coursing through my body. What I do or don't do doesn't really matter if I am in love, aligned with love, letting love serve through me while I do it. I can bring joy to anything and I can choose to feel the love and gratitude for my body no matter what it looks like, or even what it "feels" like.

What I learned so profoundly was that the energy of dislike or disdain only perpetuates internal suffering and pain.

So I ask you, as I have asked myself. What would your life feel like if you no longer allowed yourself to dislike anything. Could you apply this practice to your body. Can you love it right now, before it changes? Can you accept it without seeing results or progress?what if progress was contingent on your total adoration of it? Would you begin to wildly love it? Would you trust that LOVE is the answer. That LOVE is the diet. That LOVE is the fitness program.

If you struggled to love your body even when you weighed less and had less body fat, what makes you think that weighing less will help you love and accept it this time around? Why not commit to being stable in Love now? Commit to total self acceptance, regardless of what the scale says.

What you are deprived of right now is self love, tenderness, care and compassion. Your body is doing the best that it can. It wants to be the embodiment of love for you, but you still choose to pick on it and criticize it. You continue to compare and contrast it.

Are you ready for this pattern to end? For this self sabotage to stop? Will you finally trust that love is the only thing you should be investing your energy in? Your thoughts in? That the present “reality” is already past. That your body truly is already perfect and one with God and is waiting for you to focus on how good it feels to embody the bliss of Source. It’s not a thought about your body it’s a feeling within your body. No matter your size the energy feels the same. It’s constant and consistent and doesn’t care what size pants you wear. It loves every inch of you.

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