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The Power of Peacocks

I have always loved animals and the symbolism they represent. When they show up in unexpected ways, I know that my Angel’s have a message for me. There are too many miraculous stories to tell in this one post but I intend to start sharing more about all the ways animal totems bring magic into my life.

Most of the time the actual animal crosses my path in the physical world, but in this case it came to me in meditation and in physical symbol.

When I launched my business I received a lot of inspiration in my meditations or from being out in nature. One of my favorite parts of business is branding and I love the creativity of design. With this business I received images and visions of peacock feathers. I thought I would try to use the colors as my palette, but instead ended up incorporating the feather into my logo. Which to be honest was somewhat of an “accident”. This logo was a “temporary” one until I could hire a graphic designer to do my whole branding package. It was only recently that I came across the meaning behind peacocks and I realized that despite receiving the download to incorporate peacocks into my business, I never looked into their symbolism! Even though the Universe confirmed the download by putting a peacock picture frame in my path while I was out for a run. Shortly after launching my business, I found a beautiful peacock picture frame, the frame was was literally a peacock, just placed on the sidewalk.

I feel so grateful to be constantly receiving Divine messages from my Angels and the animal totems that show up in my life.

Peacock symbolism: Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, & Watchfulness. The peacock totem guides you to embrace self-love and confidence.

Peacock energy can help you on your spiritual path and breathe new life into your walk of faith. The Peacock is a reminder to all of us to show our true colors.

The peacock is associated with Quan-yin, a bodhisattva (Buddha-like being) and the Goddess of mercy, love and compassion. She has a strong connection to healing energy in particular Reiki and encourages people to choose to be love and to offer care, forgiveness and compassion to themselves and others. Compassion is about recognizing the spirit in others - seeing that they come from the same source you do.

Peacock is a colorful symbol of transformation and is considered the manifestation of the celestial Phoenix. Symbolizing resurrection and rising out of the ashes. Peacock energy can help us shed the old feathers of the past and to take back the true beauty of our individuality. Like the phoenix, the alchemy of peacock can remind us that we can rise out of our darkest moments. Dying to the ego-self, and being reborn into a new life of awareness, spirituality and love.

The call of the Peacock has a kind of laughter quality to it, as if the peacock is also reminder to stay light hearted and laugh at life.

In Hinduism, the peacock is associated with Lakshmi the goddess of prosperity and wealth who also symbolize patience, benevolence, and compassion.

Shamanic traditions often incorporate peacock feathers into their rituals and ceremonies for their healing and protective properties.

Chinese myths say that the blending of the 5 colors of its feathers gives us the sweet harmony of sound. In Egypt, the Peacock is associated with the Sun God Ra.

Peacocks are associated with openness, as they tend to display all their feathers when they spread their tail. Peacocks also eat poisonous plants, which symbolizes immortality, and they have the ability to thrive in the face of suffering. They also symbolize purity, hence their feathers are often used in Buddhist purification ceremonies.

In Greco-Roman mythology the Peacock tail has the "eyes" of the stars. In Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness and luck.

Its feathers are meaningful to those with this power animal. The “eyes” within the feathers are associated with greater vision and wisdom. This increases self-love and confidence.

Peacock feathers are also often recommended in Feng Shui as a love cure.


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