• Aurelie Devon

New Year, True You

May 2019 be a year of Mastery

Feeling beneath the surface of our lives and seeing the perfection and beauty. Knowing our worth and knowing that we are already perfect, complete and whole. May this year be the year of embracing everything and trusting our path and process. Allowing Source to guide and serve in the highest. May we fly and soar as the beautiful butterflies we are.

My Mantras for this Year:

"My purpose is my priority

When I focus on my purpose,

The Universe Always Supports me!"

My Intentions:

I surrender to energy

I surrender beyond what the mind can see

I feel love deeply



I am free

I surrender to serendipity

My Prayers & Affirmations:

Thank you God for gifting infinitely to me

Thank you God for greeting me

Thank you God for knowing me

Thank you God for seeing me

Thank you God for believing in me

Thank you God for trusting me

Thank you God for unconditionally loving me

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