• Aurelie Devon

Cathedral Rock Magical Vortex

Cathedral Rock Vortex Magic - Sedona, AZ

I took this photo after one of the most powerful meditations. After climbing to the top of Cathedral rock, I hiked further and found this magical spot between two massive rocks with a 3rd pillar rock behind me. As I sat in silence, I felt compelled to take off my top...sitting in complete oneness...as soon as I released my bikini top from my chest, a forceful, powerful gust of wind came swirling through the rocks, twirling up and dancing around me...I heard my body say, yay...I’m liberated! It feels so good to be free...I laughed and opened my eyes as the wind (aka: Source) continued to dance with me and the second I opened my eyes a huge yellow monarch flew in between the rocks and circled around me, around my head, flying up and down and all around me...it was EPIC...and so divinely designed for me.

I surrendered everything to Source and the Angels...I chose wonder and bliss and dimensions of adventure and energetic experiences yet to be encountered.

After my meditation, I laid on the rock with my bare breasts against the warm stone...I felt into my dreams and asked to be a vessel for God’s creative energy, relaxing into my Being, breathing and feeling loved. I said I wanted to help all the women and girls on this planet see that the only “reality” is that they are loved infinitely...I want to use my voice to set them free...as I completed this statement/declaration another gust of wind swirled around me, I opened my eyes and a white butterfly greeted me and danced around me.

Magic is everywhere...It is me and is my new reality. So much joy and infinite possibilities await me...i am sooooo excited and beyond grateful!

Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God!


© 2019 by Aurelie Devon

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