• Aurelie Devon


“The pattern is there to show you/remind/ask you to choose Love no matter what. It’s a teacher, a personal trainer of Love, it knows that you have it all within you.”

Patterns play out/show up not so that you can change the circumstances but so you can change how you are with the experience, so you can shift how you react and BE.

By shifting the energies you vibrate and uplifting your frequency amidst adverse, challenging or triggering energies, you change the trajectory of your life. What once looked like it was the Same pattern playing out yet again, ends completely differently than ever before. This is the energetic solution to ending trauma and drama, not by the circumstances themselves changing but by you choosing love and the highest possibility in the face of it.

This choice is what changes the circumstances. The outer experience begins bending and shifting to shape itself to you...to your higher frequency. The pattern is there to show you/remind/ask you to choose Love no matter what. It’s a teacher, a personal trainer of love, it knows that you have it all within you. Sometimes we need shitty circumstances to repeat in order to get the message, to see that we have the power to Be the energy, no matter the outer experience. When we master choosing our frequency we master our destiny. We master having reality be the loving experience it was always meant to be.

So can you choose Faith, trust, surrender and love even when your rent is due? YES! Can you choose it even sooner? Not waiting until the due date, but practicing the month before?

Can you practice holding the frequency of love even if you have no clue how your bills will get paid? YeS! For its this energy that will create the miracles and the magic you desire and require. This energy is what allows abundance to flow to you. From expansiveness flows freedom, from contracted-ness flows fear.

You may not be able to change anything happening outside of you in this moment; but you can change your choice. You can choose to be fully present, open and still. You can choose to breathe into the Peace that lies beneath the stress, strain and struggle.

Choose peace and love because it feels good. Don’t bully yourself into the feelings out of fear, but get into your body, face the discomfort and breathe. Choose from this place. Give the Ego a vacation and allow your higher self to tell you the truth. Choose to believe what she says. With no proof, no evidence, choose to have faith in the power of love. For love is what you are made of. It’s the only thing that’s real. Everything else is temporary....and miracles can happen in an instant! Give yourself permission to know what you know and to open to the overflow.


© 2019 by Aurelie Devon

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