• Aurelie Devon

Are You Afraid to Be LOUD?

Sound...are you afraid to be loud? Are you afraid of what the neighbors might think? Do you suppress your voice and your energy in order to fit into what society has deemed acceptable? What would happen if you let yourself be loud. Unapologetically loud.

Whether you need to cleanse some long held emotional energy or you want to finally free your sexual energy and express your bliss vocally...it’s time to stop suppressing and start expressing. Not AT anyone but simply allowing yourself the freedom to shout, scream, cry, Yelp, yell, rage, tantrum, sob, laugh or any other sound your soul desires to make. This sound isn’t for anyone, it’s not directed at anything, it’s merely a vehicle for releasing stored content.

Beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you that manifest in your body. When you are loud, when you allow yourself to let go vocally you reprogram the brain. The Ego becomes quiet and when you emerge from your personal soundbath, you begin to feel alive . You remember who you really are. You feel connected to your soul and you see that the sun is still shining, the grass is still growing and that you are still breathing. That life held itself perfectly together so that you could fall apart. That you are held in so much love that even an avalanche of anger or grief cannot dim the light. When you allow yourself to express this you allow yourself to free it and you open to love that infinitely flows.

So today I invite you to be loud. To suspend any beliefs or ideas about sound. To be as inappropriate as possible. Not projecting your stuff on anyone, but allowing it to flow through you. Actively choosing to let shit go versus waiting for life to trigger you, someone to upset you or some external experience to rock you.

What if you participated in your awakening? What if you chose today to play with your inner voice? What if this was the secret to freedom? To bliss and abundance? What if all that was required, was for you to be willing to be wild, to be different?

Noticing and breathing, releasing judgement or story and choosing the energy over the inner critic. Choosing your Soul’s choice over the Ego voice.

It starts with sound. When you experience the freedom of being loud and seeing that nothing bad happened, that the world still functions, that no one was harmed, you begin to trust yourself. Trusting your voice becomes a pathway to listening to your intuition, to your inner G. From this place of full faith and trust you align with Divinity.

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