My Story + My Mission

Pleasure is not only my passion, but my Purpose

I'm a dancer and healer turned sexy soul guide, sacred sexuality coach, pleasure facilitator and frequency fitness teacher.


My gift is helping women get unstuck, moving past limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns. By using the power of sexual energy and getting turned on by life, I teach women how to harness their pleasure, enhance their creativity, break free from shame, stress and anxiety. I love helping women feel free in their body and discover the ecstasy of energy. I specialize in teaching spiritual solutions to overcoming stress and anxiety and helping my clients become stable in bliss and open up to experiencing orgasm, hands free.


Pleasure has been the pathway for me to experience love beyond my wildest dreams and I am excited to share this Divine wisdom that has been gifted to me. I channel guidance from the ascended masters and angels and use my intuitive ability to connect with your higher self. Where infinite possibilities exist.

That's me, laughing after I just had a

hands free orgasm on the the middle of the photoshoot! 


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