What would be different in your life if loving yourself was normal for you?

Where each moment you felt empowered to express yourself without judgement.

What would it feel like to live life in harmony with your body?

Imagine a life where you feel confident, abundant and loved unconditionally

This is what happens when you embody bliss and align with Love daily 




Passionate about movement, music, meditation, magic and miracles, I am happiest when I am barefoot in the grass, dancing in the sunshine. 

My gift is helping people get unstuck, moving past limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns. I teach people how to break free from shame, stress and anxiety. I specialize in spiritual solutions to overcoming stress and anxiety and helping my clients become stable in bliss, loving themselves fully, wholly and completely. 


Using dance, movement, energy healing, breath work and sound I have healed my own hurt and trauma. Embodiment has been the most direct route to experiencing love beyond my wildest dreams and I am excited to share this Divine wisdom that has been gifted to me. I channel guidance from the ascended masters and angels and use my intuitive ability to connect with your higher self. Each session or class with me is unique and is custom tailored. My mission is to serve Love in the highest and to help all beings fall so madly and deeply in love with themselves through energetic embodiment that the world heals from the love generated by the power of the Divine.

"Aurelie’s light and loving nature touches everyone she meets. She is authentic and holds a loving space free from judgement. Being around her you immediately feel safe. Her positive energy and ability to bring joy into everything is one of her greatest gifts. Thanks to her, I was finally able to settle into my own skin, it felt so aligned for me, so natural, so beautiful and powerful. She is truly a powerful, gifted and enlightened being, full of magical energy.Without Aurelie’s openness and support, I would not yet have stepped out of the shadows and into my authenticity. It was a HUGE risk and point of discomfort. I am incredibly grateful to know her and have her in my life. The world is a better place because of the love Aurelie is."



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